Children and Atheism by Shoaib Rahman book cover

Introducing a new book by Shoaib Rahman

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be a child in today's world? Everyone has his/her recollections of childhood. Yet, most adults - in their middle or later years - tend not to realize that the world has changed significantly in the past twenty or thirty years. Though Atheism is as old as time itself it was hardly deemed an issue of great importance until rather recently.

Atheists themselves, for the most part, ignored the necessity of advocating a life of natural beauty and of natural science education. The world's "adult" population has inherently viewed the child as a possession; a play-thing of sorts -to be utilized at the pleasure of the parent and of the culture - to be mind-trained to "follow the system".

But, what of the child? Shouldn't parents place the well-being of their children in higher esteem? Shouldn'twewant better things and better times -for them? Isn't it time we began to "educate them out of" this nightmare world of demons and gods that have perpetually perverted what should have been a natural paradise fashioned by the highest order of living organisms -the human?

I herein devote this book to the discussion of raising Atheist children. Perhaps some of the scenarios mentioned here will help you to prepare a better place for your children or for ALL the children of the world.

-Shoaib Rahman



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