Fadew is an independent quarterly magazine, a part of Fadew, Inc.

Fadew, Inc. was founded in September 2017, by internet entrepreneur Shoaib Rahman, as a subsidiary, Fadew now delivers reliable, useful, and interesting, but most importantly practical articles and content.
We don’t care about trends; we care about things that matter to our audience and fulfilling their interests. We are — and always have been — independent. 5+ years, and still ongoing.

Our focus

We prioritize substance over trends, catering to the interests and concerns of our discerning audience. Over the past four years, our commitment to independence and quality has remained unwavering.

Our Mission

As the world embraces freethinking and shifts attitudes toward freethinkers, we confront lingering misconceptions and discrimination. Fadew serves as a platform to amplify silenced voices.

Our philosophy

We champion free expression and liberalism, with most contributors holding progressive views. While our roots are American, we don't endorse exceptionalism.

Quality first

Our motto, 'Stories that matter,' guides us. Our small yet dedicated team is passionate, professional, and unwavering in their commitment to quality. We meticulously curate, edit, and adhere to strict publishing standards.

The Fadew team

Our magazine is authored by diverse native contributors and is subject to rigorous editorial oversight. We also welcome audience submissions that align with our standards.

Beyond social media

Our aim is to cultivate a smart, influential readership who visit our website and support us directly, rather than relying solely on social media distribution. Join us in our journey towards meaningful discourse and thought-provoking content.