Fadew is an independent quarterly magazine, a trademark of Fadew, Inc.

Fadew, Inc. was founded in September 2017, by internet entrepreneur Shoaib Rahman, as a subsidiary, Fadew now delivers reliable, useful, and interesting, but most importantly practical articles and content.
We don’t care about trends; we care about things that matter to our audience and fulfilling their interests. We are — and always have been — independent. 4+ years, and still ongoing.

Our Goal

The number of freethinkers in the world continues to grow and attitudes toward atheists are shifting. However, misconceptions about atheists still exist and members of our community still face discrimination at home, work, and school. 

We strive to overcome these social stigmas and work to be a platform where your muzzled words get spoken.


We advocate free expression and liberalism in society. Our contributors are proud leftists.

Geo bias

Most of our authors are from the U.S., hence may hold politically biased opinions, and the premise of the topic(s) of articles are often to be set to be American. Although we do not advocate American exceptionalism.

Quality matters the most

Stories that matter — has been the motto of our magazine from the start, and we are committed to holding onto it as we proceed through time.

We care about quality content. We never ever wanted to be a big publishing house: Our team is small, but it’s a truly wonderful team of people who really care about what they do. Passionate and dedicated. Honest and respectful. Professional but informal. Quirky and personal.

All articles are carefully curated, edited, and prepared according to the high standards set in the magazine’s publishing policy. These guidelines are continually revised and updated to ensure that the quality of the published content is never compromised. Fadew is always expanding to provide more quality content.

The Fadew team

The articles and other types of content published in Fadew are by various native authors and contributors, which are reviewed, overseen, and approved by the editorial team.

Fadew also publishes audience-submitted content that meets our publishing policies and maintains a certain standard.

At Fadew, we do not want to be too reliant on social media distribution, but instead, we are aimed to reach a "smart, influential" readership who would visit our website and buy magazines, and goods directly.